Don’t trust your vehicle AC system to just anyone. AC systems are complex, sensitive systems. A quick fix can lead to very costly repairs much sooner than you think!

We specialize in servicing and repairing air conditioning systems in all types of all makes, models and types of vehicles. We use state of the art equipment to diagnose and service AC systems. Our expert staff utilizes the latest equipment, top quality parts, a clean system to insure that your air condition system is functioning at peak cooling.

Hybrid AC systems

Not just anyone can service Hybrid vehicles. With our state of the art equipment and expert technicians we service both hybrid trucks and cars.

Mold Abatement:

Improved HVAC systems in newer vehicles have been shown to provide the perfect habitat for mold, mildew, and harmful bacteria. Our technicians are trained to remove mold and mildew and treat the system to prevent new growth.



Transmission Service


Complete Car Care


What Makes Us Best

  • Best equipment
  • Most experienced technicians on staff
  • First quality parts
  • Fast service
  • 36,000 mile guarantee
  • Wholesale parts
  • AC systems are tricky and minor mistakes can have costly consequences
Thought I would give this place a try. The owner fixed up my A/C on my car and it is working great. Gave me a fair deal, as I called around for other prices in town.
Carla Carlao
I can only say thanks. It is refreshing to find someone who is honest. My car was leaking coolant everywhere and the owner looked at it and told me it was something simple and would only take a couple of hours to fix, everything only cost me $73…
Maria Lucky
He looked over my car and fixed a small leak. He also gave me the best deal on an AC service. They are friendly and fair. They also work fast, I was in and out over my lunch break, that’s what I call service!
Jone A
They are very honest and up front. Went out of their way to fix my loose driver’s side door panel. Great to deal with.
Bev L
The air conditioner in my husband’s car had not worked right for 2 years, in spite of having been fixed twice by a supposed expert. We are now in heaven after 1 visit to Forever Auto, which only took a few hours, not days like the other place.
Naomi S